Black Economic Empowerment

There is more to creating a prosperous South Africa than simply ticking BBEEE boxes. Yes, we at Kinetix Technologies (Pty) Ltd consistently endeavour to increase our BBEEE scorecard as part of our national responsibility. This we believe is the path to an equal opportunity & prosperous South Africa.

We are also very proud to support numerous structures that actively involve education development. Supporting education initiatives is our way of being the change we wish to see in our great country.

Supporting Education

We focus our education funding on groups that support previously disadvantaged & underprivileged children.  Creating a future for our youth by addressing needs in both education & feeding schemes is a key driver for future growth & success in South Africa.  

We believe that developing knowledge via education will help establish sustainable empowerment structures, which in turn will lead to economic growth, especially for South Africa‚Äôs underprivileged youth. Further to this Kinetix Technologies (Pty) Ltd often identifies & supports suitable upliftment candidates via our own proven learnership & skills programs. We want to form part of the solution to a prosperous South Africa and we want to sleep comfortably at night knowing we are doing all we can.  

If you would like to find out more about our BBEEE status or discover which education initiatives we support, simply make contact with our offices. We believe our level of professionalism will excite you from your very first interaction with us.