Print Audit Facilities Manager

Print Audit Facilities Manager

Your multifunctional system is lacking in communication skills. At the end of the month, you still have to check counter readings and monitor the toner levels. Data must then be transferred, toner ordered and possible malfunctions reported to your service partner’s call centre.

From there, the relevant information is forwarded to the department in charge. An altogether time consuming process. Thanks to Print Audit Facilities manager, you need no longer worry about counter reading reports or system availability!


Print Audit Facilities manager is an intelligent reporting system which connects your ineo systems to your service partner’s call centre. Status reports, counter readings, problem reports and information on the status of consumables are sent directly to the service partner via a modem, installed directly on the system (GPRS link) or per email. Print Audit Facilities manager also enables your service partner to offer you a maximum in customer support by centrally adjusting both system and software settings in order to optimise the quality of copy and print output as well as initiating´a system reset after a malfunction or reboot. For you, this means possible system failures are detected and remedied via Print Audit Facilities manager before they become evident and at best without any on-site technical support!

Pro-active customer support

By automatically sending status reports and data to your service partner, possible malfunctions are quickly diagnosed and remedied at an early stage. For instance, in the event of frequent paper jams your service partner can react quickly by exchanging the appropriate wear and tear parts, avoiding an imminent system breakdown.

Less administration

Counter readings are automatically registered and sent to your service partner for settlement. As a result, you no longer need to fill in the counter reading cards or send them to your service partner. A significant saving in both time and effort! The counter readings are listed according to the paper formats and copy/print modes making it easy for you to retrace and verify the cost of system operation.

Automatic toner delivery

Your service partner is automatically informed on the status of consumables such as toner levels and routinely delivers fresh supplies when these fall below the mutually agreed levels. This means you no longer need to keep an eye on toner levels or the order status. Stockpiling of toner supplies is a thing of the past – saving space, time and effort.


Print Audit Facilities manager uses two channels for the communication to your service partner’s support centre; GPRS or email. The transmission is based upon your company specific requirements and IT guidelines. We will be happy to help and advise you on this subject. Which ever method you finally choose, rest assured that your data is secure. Only machine-relevant data is transmitted and no copy or print information, meaning it is impossible to access your corporate data at any time.

Print Audit Facilities Manager - Brochure (pdf)