Infrastructure Management Services

Infrastructure Management

Modern organisations attach great importance to the various technologies they employ to effectively manage their working environment – these include servers, workstations, network components, websites and internet connections. Managing these infrastructures can become a significant burden – and should any technology fail, the financial implications could be considerable.

Employing a specialist Managed Services provider like Konica Minolta will help you reduce the burden associated with the management of critical business infrastructure – freeing your staff to dedicate more time to their everyday business, or give more focus to strategic decision making.

Infrastructure Management Services from Konica Minolta enable you to outsource the responsibility for the effective management of the IT infrastructure required to run your business. This is achieved through the deployment of a fully managed service, including 24/7 remote monitoring, under which issues can be proactively identified and subsequently resolved by your Konica Minolta Service Desk.

Requirement Analysis

It is essential that your IT infrastructure is appropriately matched to your business needs. In order to define your future IT solution, you have to rigorously assess your organisation’s current, new, and future business requirements.

Konica Minolta can help you clearly define all your current requirements, and fulfil any newly arising requirements, without negatively impacting your existing investments.

Using our expert knowledge of advancements in technology, and aligning investment requirements with business strategy, Konica Minolta can help maximise infrastructure flexibility, making it more responsive to business change, and minimise the extent of any likely future investments.

IT Infrastructure Setup

Today’s IT departments are much more business-focused than they used to be. Key issues include much more demanding service levels, increased responsiveness to business change, and higher service quality. At the same time, IT departments are increasingly asked to reduce their costs and improve efficiency. These factors require a high concentration of resources in order to adequately service internal customers, and both maintain and constantly improve business operations.

To ensure that both you and your team are able to support business-as-usual, whilst continuing to address changes and adaptations to existing systems, Konica Minolta will take full responsibility for the installation, configuration, and testing of all new infrastructure – from initial sourcing to the deployment into your live environment.

Application Monitoring & Management

In order to serve internal customer needs, and attain the highest levels of business process efficiency, especially in relation to Big Data and digital transformation, IT departments need to establish and manage numerous applications. To do so, your IT team requires extensive expert knowledge, as customer expectations with regard to service quality are higher than ever.

As a leading provider of business software tools and applications, it goes without saying that we have experts available to professionally support our extensive range of products on behalf of our customers. So far, more than 3,500 customers in Europe have consigned elements of their critical business infrastructure to us. In addition, with Konica Minolta Support Centres based all over the world, we have the coverage, capacity and competency to efficiently manage your business applications – wherever these are deployed.

Server Monitoring & Management

There are good reasons to outsource the monitoring and management of servers and network infrastructure to an external provider. By extending your existing application management from Konica Minolta to include server monitoring and management, you are guaranteed even higher levels of service quality.

If for example, your server setup needs to be changed when updating an application, then our experts will simply go ahead with this work without delay. In other words, we take over full responsibility for your application environment – whatever happens, you simply contact Konica Minolta! No hassle, no hesitation, just instant support via our Service Desk.