Documents are the lifeblood of the legal profession. So not surprisingly they are created in greater numbers than in most other industries.

Although document redaction and management is largely carried out by traditional means, there is great potential to enhance the efficiency of legal workflows while ensuring compliance with legal regulations, professional standards and corporate governance requirements.


Digitise your business processes with Konica Minolta solutions. Learn how we can automate the complete process using web-based cover requests, claims and mid term adjustment notification form.


Our advanced solutions cut through the complexities of healthcare IT processes by automating and optimising document-related processes to simplify information flows and make medical information more accessible and compliant.


By taking advantage of digital technology, financial institutions can enhance their data processing, maintain strict security standards and ensure confidentiality.

Our advanced solutions for information logging and document capture, processing and distribution help to establish workflows that transform paper-based documents into data that can be edited, stored and securely archived. 


Schools, colleges and teaching institutions have to focus on efficient organisation and service-mindedness to enhance their competitiveness. With digital technology, educational organisations can improve teaching and learning opportunities, maintain records and manage budgets.

For all these aspects, we offer competence and professional support with advanced solutions for document output and accounting, capturing and distribution.