Marketing Management Services

Marketing Management Services

Are you looking to get the best out of your marketing communications? In recent years, the “communication challenge” has become tremendously complex – and keeping pace can quickly turn out to be time-consuming and cost-intensive. What you need is a reliable partner to support you in Marketing Procurement, Marketing Production and Customer Engagement.

This will help you to...

  • reduce your costs for bought-in marketing services
  • implement your marketing campaigns successfully and efficiently
  • make customer engagement a priority for your brand
  • With the strengths of our Marketing Management Services provider, Charterhouse, we can add significant value and efficiencies to your marketing communications. Charterhouse is a Global Marketing Services company that manages the creation, production, sourcing and distribution of printed and digital communications.
Marketing Procurement

Our procurement solutions don’t just focus on driving down your costs for bought-in marketing services but take you on a journey of improvement, standardisation, harmonisation and development that adds real value to both your marketing and procurement audience. Our marketing procurement solutions include:

  • Print management - Our account management teams are experts on all types of production across different formats and processes, and we manage our global supply chain from concept to delivery. Account managers will source all of your printed marketing collateral, supported by a central Commercial department. A robust suite of technology, designed specifically for marketing print delivery, supports our specialists.
  • Permanent point of sale - Our permanent POS team specialises in providing bespoke equipment and display solutions. Whether it’s a temporary solution for a one-time promotion or a permanent display, we deliver exactly what our clients need across the full production cycle. We advise on strategy, develop product ideas, manage the full manufacturing cycle, and ensure that logistics and installation are a seamless process.
  • Promotional merchandise - We work closely with marketers to deliver the exact branded merchandise that they need, offering best value for money through a global supply chain. Our team of experts has vast experience in sourcing all manner of corporate and consumer merchandise across sectors; they understand what is creatively possible when it comes to bespoke production, and manage the quality process from brief to delivery.
Marketing Production

Implementing successful marketing campaigns efficiently, accurately and consistently; enhancing your brand and creative concept across media channels and formats of increasing complexity, number and geographical footprint – all this is not quite as straightforward as it used to be.

Visual layout, size, positioning, colour and content all combine to create a compelling message to your customers. Many global brands already enjoy the benefits of “decoupling” their marketing services activities. Rather than leaving their lead agency to control all creative and production elements of a campaign, these organisations are buying and managing their production requirements (media, pre-press, print and/or digital) separately.

We provide creative artwork and pre-press services, underpinned by our workflow and technology platform to deliver a bespoke and integrated marketing production solution across all media channels to fit your business, its people, processes, technologies and brand.

Marketing Solution

With the competence of a leading marketing solution agency in our creative team, we take customer intelligence, apply insight, and transform this understanding into inspired ideas. As a result, we support you in successfully connecting brands and individuals, through one-to-one communications.

Is customer engagement a priority for your brand? It should be! We can help you meet the challenge of putting the customer at the heart of everything. Data, planning and our creative experts collaborate to deliver a more compelling customer engagement. All neatly underpinned by cutting-edge technology.