By taking advantage of digital technology, financial institutions can enhance their data processing, maintain strict security standards and ensure confidentiality.

Our advanced solutions for information logging and document capture, processing and distribution help to establish workflows that transform paper-based documents into data that can be edited, stored and securely archived. 

By streamlining internal processes, financial institutions can cut costs, which is good for profitability, and devote more resources to strengthening customer relationships, which is good for growth.

The simple step to lower costs and greater security

The new normal for financial institutions is slow growth, tough competition and brakes on innovation due to reduced budgets. In this difficult environment financial institutions face three critical challenges: lowering costs in the face of keen competition and the constant battle to offer current and new customers the best conditions; optimising processes to enhance business efficiency and market performance; and improving security to prevent data loss and breaches of confidentiality. How can financial institutions best tackle these challenges?

Konica Minolta can help. State-of-the-art multifunctional office systems make workflows possible that transform paper-based documents into data that can be edited, stored and archived. Our cost-effective hardware and software solutions help leverage process automation and control without interfering with existing systems. And both the hardware and software have all been designed to comply with the relevant data security and protection regulations.

Key benefits:

  • Shorter paper-to-digital document management cycle
  • More secure document management and working environments through authentication and built-in security features
  • Optimised customer relationship management through transforming data into process-ready information