Print Audit Facilities Manager

Your multifunctional system is lacking in communication skills. At the end of the month, you still have to check counter readings and monitor the toner levels. Data must then be transferred, toner ordered and possible malfunctions reported to your service partner’s call centre.

Marketing Management Services

Are you looking to get the best out of your marketing communications? In recent years, the “communication challenge” has become tremendously complex – and keeping pace can quickly turn out to be time-consuming and cost-intensive. What you need is a reliable partner to support you in Marketing Procurement, Marketing Production and Customer Engagement.

Infrastructure Management

Modern organisations attach great importance to the various technologies they employ to effectively manage their working environment – these include servers, workstations, network components, websites and internet connections. Managing these infrastructures can become a significant burden – and should any technology fail, the financial implications could be considerable.

Managed Content Services

Daily, the flood of information, data and documents that companies need to deal with is growing – e-mails, data files, invoices etc. inflate the data volume. Unstructured knowledge is frequently stored in disparate data silos, which makes internal procedures more time-consuming, impedes transparency, and can delay important decisions.

Optimized Print Services

Are you aware of your printing costs? If yes, you already know that hardware and consumables only account for some of it. Other aspects to consider are the infrastructure, which should fit your company’s specific requirements, and has to adapt to the processes and workflows it is a part of. Most importantly, you just want everything to work!