Managed Content Services

Managed Content Services

Daily, the flood of information, data and documents that companies need to deal with is growing – e-mails, data files, invoices etc. inflate the data volume. Unstructured knowledge is frequently stored in disparate data silos, which makes internal procedures more time-consuming, impedes transparency, and can delay important decisions.

At Konica Minolta, we propose to optimise your information-relevant corporate processes by applying our Managed Content Services (MCS). As part of our MCS approach, we analyse the document-intensive workflows in your enterprise to propose optimisations, implement specific, tailored solutions – and following that, even manage the infrastructure we have created for you.

A core offering in our MCS portfolio are Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions, tailored to the needs of your organisation. ECM solutions provide complete, end-to-end control of your information flow with seamless integration into your CRM and ERP systems.

Konica Minolta’s Managed Content Services enhance your overall efficiency, let you respond faster to customer needs, safeguard your data, and streamline your workflows – giving your operational agility and business results a welcome boost!

Enterprise Search

Our Enterprise Search Software can help you find all relevant data and information in an instant. The searchable application index provides immediate access exactly to what you are looking for. No matter where the information is hiding – in e-mail attachments, scanned documents, on SharePoint sites, the company intranet, or across departmental application silos – this out-of-the-box enterprise search tool locates and retrieves any type of data, in any format, from any repository.

Invoice Processing

Your company receives any quantity of purchase invoices on a daily basis. This involves a time-intensive and frequently error prone process, from their forwarding to the responsible departments to their validation and payment. From now on, rely on an optimal solution for this task: digital invoice management by Konica Minolta.

By digitally capturing all incoming invoices, you make sure that all purchase invoices are correctly mapped in the system. And you can conveniently use your existing document scanners and multifunctional printers for the digitisation of paper originals.

Text recognition and intelligent algorithms ensure that all relevant invoice details (i.e. consignment, invoice number, amounts, etc.) are correctly read out and captured in the system. Forwarding to the responsible department or employee is automatic and instantaneous – same as the alignment of the information with the ERP system and the accounting department.

A fast and correct billing run is achieved with specific rules defined in the system for the checking and approval of invoices. You also benefit from the clearly structured user interface that makes invoice processing simple and straightforward. Sub-verifications as well as adding comments to bills and receipts are also possible. All of this makes assignment stamps, original signatures and interoffice mailbags a thing of the past.

Contract Processing

If you are dealing with contracts and agreements of all kinds on a daily basis, you know: Such documents frequently vanish in the archives of the concerned departments, which usually results in difficult and time-consuming searches; the general overview is quickly lost, and contract periods or deadlines are easily overlooked. All this means unnecessary time and money spent. This is where our digital contract management solution helps you administrate your corporate contract documents simply and effectively.

Whether you are concerned with operative contracts, framework agreements, licence or maintenance contracts plus the associated covenants – the digital capturing of all documents related to any individual contract (including e-mails, protocols, etc.) gives you an essential basis for enhanced control and a better overview.

From text searches through the entire content of a contract to the analysis of all relevant contract parameters – the information you need is available at the push of a button. The simple assessment of your contracts, for example with regard to their value or duration, considerably facilitates your financial controlling.

Email Management

These days, digital correspondence via e-mail much facilitates our business as well as private communication. However, considering the daily flood of electronic information, e-mail communication also has its downsides: The processing and administration of e-mails takes up valuable working time. With E-mail Management from Konica Minolta, you benefit from intelligent solutions that simplify this time-consuming task considerably. The solution is child’s play to operate, impresses with its versatility, reduces costs, and saves filing space.

All incoming and outgoing electronic mail goes exactly where it belongs – without any manual intervention. Our E-mail Management application automatically reads out and analyses the content of each and every business-relevant e-mail message as well as its attachments. Using Drag & Drop, the processed information is then centrally filed, securely and legally compliant – all of it traceable and entirely transparent, structured into individual transactions and digital files, and clearly separated into business and private topics. Your existing archiving and filing structure can easily be integrated. Lengthy searches for specific e-mails thus become a thing of the past!